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Rotomolded Products

Learn more about the products, capabilities and custom rotational molding services offered by Granger Plastics Company by learning more about just a small sampling of products and capabilities listed below!

Granger ISS Tornado Shelter

rotomolded storm shelter

America’s leading tornado shelter, The Granger ISS is a double wall, foam-filled rotationally molded underground tornado shelter that provides near absolute protection for most American families. Exceeding FEMA and ICC 500 standards, the Granger ISS Shelter is the only shelter to have a 1,000+ year usable lifespan.

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Sandsaver Beach Erosion Barrier

Sandsaver Rotomolded Beach Erosion Barrier

The latest beach erosion solution, The Sandsaver™ is a proven natural solution to beach erosion. The Sandsaver™ works by breaking the energy of the wave down on the front of the module while allowing sand and water to travel through the tapered holes, where the sand settles on the beach side of the module while the water retreats.

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Air Cargo Containers

Rotomolded Air Cargo Containers

Air Cargo Containers, more technically known as ULD Containers by Granger Aerospace offer the lowest total cost of ownership amongst comparable ULDs. Granger Aerospace offers a proprietary line of LD 2s, LD 3s and LD 8 Air Cargo Containers.

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LD 2 Air Cargo Containers

Rotomolded LD 2 Air Cargo Containers

LD 2 Air Cargo Containers are commonly used in a variety of widebody aircraft such as Boeing or Airbus Widebody planes or even DC-10s, MD-11s or L-1011s. The rugged container combines the durability of a rotationally molded shell along with a high quality aluminum base.

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LD 3 Air Cargo Containers

Rotomolded LD 3 Air Cargo Containers

LD 3 Air Cargo Containers by Granger Aerospace are a staple of the airline, parcel and cargo hauling industry. Possibly the most widely used of all ULD Containers, the LD 3 by Granger Aerospace offers a number of efficiency improving and cost saving features.

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LD 8 Air Cargo Containers

Rotomolded LD 8 Air Cargo Container

LD 8 Air Cargo Containers are full-width containers, meaning an LD 8 occupies the space of (2) LD 2 Containers. Providing the lowest total cost of ownership amongst comparable ULDs, the Granger Aerospace LD 8 provides a number of innovative features that improve operations, reduces maintenance and improves profits.

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Custom Air Cargo Containers

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Rotomolded Custom Air Cargo Containers

Custom Air Cargo Containers or Custom ULDs can be designed and tailored to fit your operations exact needs. Whether flying international cargo or used for other Aerospace & Defense applications, Granger Aerospace can provide a high quality custom Air Cargo Containers specifically for your company.

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Intermediate Bulk Containers

Intermediate Bulk Containers

Intermediate Bulk Containers, commonly referred to as IBCs are industrial tanks used for storage and material handling of liquids and dry materials. Offered in robust 330 gallon or 400 gallon capacities in 33 or 45 degree hopper bottoms.

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330 Gallon Intermediate Bulk Containers

330 Gallon IBC Tank

330 Gallon IBCs are offered in both 33 or 45 degree hopper bottoms, with vertical or right angle discharge options. Used in a variety of industrial settings as well as food processing or manufacturing, the heavy duty 330 gallon IBC is long term solution for liquid or dry good material handling needs.

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400 Gallon Intermediate Bulk Containers

400 Gallon IBC Tanks

400 Gallon IBCs are durable, long term solutions to a variety of bulk material handling needs. Offered in vertical or right angle discharge configuration, in both 33 or 45 degree hopper bottom options for liquids or dry materials.

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275 Gallon All-Plastic Intermediate Bulk Containers

Rotomolded 275 Gallon All Plastic IBC

The wickedly durable, all-plastic 275 gallon IBC, named “The Avenger” by Granger Plastics features an incredible 5/8″ wall thickness tank, that allows this Intermediate Bulk Container to hold materials up to 2.5 specific gravity.

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Laundry Carts

Rotomolded Laundry Carts

Laundry Carts or material handling carts are commonly used in places like hotels, resorts, casinos, schools, gyms and even in manufacturing or industrial operations. Whether moving linens, products or materials for your operations, Granger’s durable laundry carts will help improve your efficiencies.

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GP-16 16 Cubic Foot Laundry Carts

Rotomolded 16 Cubic Foot Laundry Carts

16 cubic foot laundry carts are long lasting, durable laundry carts that can be used for a number of material handling purposes. Whether moving linens, recyclables or industrial products, the GP-16 carts by Granger can assist in your material handling needs.

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12 Bushel Carts

Rotomolded 12 Bushel Laundry Carts

The 12 bushel cart by Granger Plastics is the smallest of all of its bushel cart offerings. Still extremely capable of moving 400 pound capacities, Granger’s 12 bushel is small and mighty when it comes to material handling linens, industrial goods or whatever task you may have.

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16 Bushel Carts

Rotomolded 16 Bushel Carts

16 Bushel Carts are widely used in commercial laundry facilities, hotels, resorts and more. They are also commonly used in many recycling or industrial settings, such as scrap yards and recycling centers where material handling carts can be used to increase operations efficiencies.

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20 Bushel Carts

Rotomolded 20 Bushel Carts

20 Bushel Carts common in many operations whether being used as linen carts, in hospitals or in industrial scenarios, Granger’s heavy duty 20 bushel cart will outperform against any comparable vinyl or canvas variant offering a long term solution for your material handling needs.

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Bulk Storage Containers

Rotomolded Bulk Storage Container

Granger’s durable rotationally molded bulk storage containers are widely used by a number of OEMs and manufacturers for a variety of purposes including storage, warehousing, manufacturing and more. The rugged, plastic gaylord offers a lid and can be custom outfitted with a re-enforcement ring for liquid applications.

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Lucky 7 7-Sided Poker Table

Rotomolded Poker Tables

The Lucky 7 7-sided Poker Table is the only rotationally molded Poker Table that is attractive yet durable enough to host your game in your man cave or take it outdoors! With a number of innovative features, including one of the only 7 sided poker tables on the market, the Lucky 7 helps take your poker and card games to the next level!

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ForeverSafe Products

ForeverSafe Products Rotomolded Urns & Rotomolded Vases

ForeverSafe Products, a division of Granger Industries Inc., that caters to supplying theft deterrent memorial products, specifically cemetery flower vases and burial urns. ForeverSafe’s products feature the durability of the rotational molding process while offering a number of attractive colors and finishes all in theft deterrent materials- polyethylene.

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Cemetery Flower Vases

Rotomolded Cemetery Flower Vases

Bring flowers forever with ForeverSafe Cemetery Flower Vases! Rotomolded Theft deterrent materials featuring attractive color options and finishes including metallics and granites to match most headstones, markers and memorials.

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Burial & Cremation Urns

Rotomolded Urns

Being one of the only water tight urns on the planet, ForeverSafe Products Burial Urn is one of the only urns offered that does not require the expense of purchasing an urn vault. Benefitting from its rotomolded production, the urns are attractive yet wickedly durable and are molded from theft deterrent materials.

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Truck Shipping Containers

Rotomolded Truck Shipping Containers

Whether used for small parcel shipments or used in sort facilities for small parcel shipments, or even used for shipping durable goods over the road, Granger’s Truck Shipping Containers can offer a savings in time and money when it comes to your package handling or soft facilities needs.

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Truck Shipping Container (Tri-Fold Door)

Rotomolded Small Parcel Containers

Granger’s Truck Shipping Container with tri-fold door option has been widely used by some of the largest names in international small parcel shipping. Giving way to improved operations efficiencies the truck containers assist in making package sorting a breeze!

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Cargo Containers

Rotomolded Cargo Containers

The extremely versatile Cargo Containers by Granger Plastics Company offers a multitude of material handling or shipping uses whether you’re shipping valuable goods to a trade show or sorting small packages for last mile delivery, Granger’s Cargo Containers can add profits and efficiency to your operations or project.

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Rotomolded All-Weather Traction Ballast

Weight-Mates, the best innovation in all-weather traction devices on the market provide a durable, long term option for your pick-up truck! Offered in 6′, 6.5′ and 8′ lengths, the low profile weight-mates allow for top loading to still maximize using your truck bed. Increase your pick-up truck traction with weight-mate!

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Rotomolded Curb Drains

The attractive through the curb drainage option, the J Drain Curb Drain by Granger Plastics offers an attractive and safe alternative to running PVC through your curb for connection to your down spouts. Alleviate unsightly issues like PVC pulling away, discoloration or safety issues such as punctured tires or lacerations to neighborhood kids playing in the streets.

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Custom Rotomolded Products

Aerospace & Defense

Rotomolded Aerospace & Defense Products

Given Granger’s 25+ years of high quality rotomolding, combined with a CAGE code and experience providing some of the most complex and focused quality rotomolded products, Granger Plastics and Granger Aerospace is your partner for Aerospace & Defense rotational molding.

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Rotomolded Aquaponics systems

Custom molded Aquaponics systems by Granger Plastics allow growers to set up small home-based aquaponics systems for personal use or even allow classrooms to show great of a concept the combination of aquaculture and hydroponics really is!

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Custom Plastic Tanks

Custom Rotomolded Plastic Tank

Custom rotationally molded plastic tanks from Granger offer true “Solutions Beyond Expectations” with the capabilities to mold large sizes, custom fittings, threaded inserts to accommodate your needs and application. From design, secondary trim, assembly, packaging, drop shipping and more, Granger has produced 10,000+ custom tanks for OEMs and industry leaders all around the globe!

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Food Applications

Rotomolded Food Application Products

Custom molded products for food processing and manufacturing, where quality and material selection is critical. Leading design abilities to ensure not only is the final objective met and the problem solved but is done so in the most efficient fashion. When your food processing, manufacturing or even medical device project or operation requires a custom rotationally molded product, call on Granger Plastics!

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Marine Products

Rotomolded Jet Ski Dock

Custom roto-molded marine products are a common item for the rotational molding industry. The durable rotational molding construction, when coupled with the buoyant abilities of a sealed or foam-filled product, such as a jet ski dock, dock float or buoy!

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Plastic Pallets

Rotomolded Plastic Pallets

Custom rotomolded plastic pallets offer an incredible long term solution and savings over traditional wood pallets. Tremendously durable when designed and executed by a rotomoulding leader like Granger. With thousands of custom pallets still in some of the most demanding industrial, manufacturing and material handling environments, Granger is a proven leader in the custom plastic pallets business!

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Tank Lining & Roto-Lining

Rotolining Tank LIning Roto-lining

Custom roto-lining, tank linking and pipe lining by Granger offers the ability to mold a polyethylene lining inside of your tank, container, pipe or more. Also offered in food grade materials for food processing or medical applications. Whether for durability, chemical resistance or even Aerospace applications- Granger has your rotolining needs covered!

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Waste Management

Rotomolded Plastic Waste Dumpster

Custom rotomolded waste management solutions by Granger Plastics allow your products or operations to stand out against your competitors in the arduous markets of commercial waste hauling, recycling and more. Whether dumpsters, receptacles, lids, containers and more Granger can offer you complete full service solutions for your waste management operation!

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"Solutions Beyond Expectations"

Sandsaver Beach Erosion Solution helps 5 star resort, Swahili Beach win internationally recognized World Travel Awards for Africa's Leading Beach Resort 2023.... by naturally rebuilding the resorts beach!

Congratulations Swahili Beach!After installing Sandsaver at their resort on the Indian Ocean, Swahili Beach Resort wins the World Travel Awards for Africa's Leading Beach Resort 2023 at the awards show in Dubai, UAE this week.

Congratulations to Swahili Beach!!!
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Sandsaver Beach Erosion Solution helps 5 star resort, Swahili Beach win internationally recognized World Travel Awards for Africas Leading Beach Resort 2023.... by naturally rebuilding the resorts beach!  

Congratulations Swahili Beach!
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May the Fourth Be With You... Protecting you from Mother Nature's FORCE!

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In case you needed a "sign" to stay out of Jail... Here it is! 

#rotomolding #laundrycarts #materialhandling #laundry #commerciallaundry #uniforms #towels #jail #CountyJail #Prison #plastics #inmates #getoutofjailfreecard
One of the video clips from the Granger ISS debris impact test at Texas Tech University's Wind Lab performing the FEMA 320 and FEMA 361 debris impact test.... If you're considering purchasing ANY tornado shelter or storm shelter... Ask to see the debris impact test video... If they don't or won't show you, run away and find a reputable supplier who will!!! #tornado #tornadoshelters #StormShelters #GrangerISS #plastics #rotomolding #rotationalmolding #grangerplastics #plastics #weather #environment #emergency #FEMA #disaster #prepared #survival #Ohio #Texas #texastech
The Sandsaver continues to produce amazing results after only 6 weeks- over 20,000 cubic yards of sand accumulated and over 100' of increased width profile in some areas already!! #beacherosionSolution #beacherosion #beaches #plastics #rotomoulding #rotationalmolding #environment #beachconservation #stopbeacherosion #reversebeacherosion #savethebeaches #Sandsaver #grangerplastics #Ohio #Africa #Kenya #UnitedStates
See the Sandsaver Beach Erosion solution get installed and produce significant positive results at the beautiful @swahilibeach resort in Diani Beach Kenya in just 2 weeks! Video link in bio!

#Beach #beacherosionSolution #beaches #beacherosion #stopbeacherosion #dredgingalternatives #reversebeacherosion #Kenya #Africa #environment #tourism #travel #seetheworld #luxuryresort #resorts #dianibeachkenya #dianibeach #Sandsaver #grangerplastics #rotomoulding
Granger ISS Tornado Shelter installed at an incredibly beautiful horse farm in Southern Pines, North Carolina.

One of the rotomolding industry's best innovations, ever. 
#GrangerISS #tornadoshelters #StormShelter #tornado #tornadowarning #weather #plastics #rotomolding #rotationalmolding #grangerplastics #rotationalmoldingdotcom #Granger #NorthCarolina #Ohio
A photo of the tide coming in at the Sandsaver installation location at Diani Beach in Kenya... So incredibly beautiful... #Beach #BeachRenourishment #beacherosionSolution #Sandsaver #rotomolding #rotationalmolding #Granger Plastics #Africa #Kenya #dianibeach
The Sandsaver, a natural solution to beach erosion gains it's second install, this time on private property located on the Gulf of Mexico 🇲🇽! In less than 10 weeks, in an extremely low tide environment, The Sandsavers are over 50% buried in Sand and have a generous amount of accretion between the modules and the surf.  Behind the modules is starting to fill in creating a nice gradual slope.  The property owner is ecstatic with the current progress and cant wait to see the beach completely rebuilt naturally by Sandsaver, another #rotomoulding innovation from Granger Plastics Company! 
#Sandsaver #naturalSolutionToBeachErosion
#Beach #beaches #dredgingalternatives #BeachRenourishment #Florida #Texas #NorthCarolina #SouthCarolina #California #Alabama #Georgia #Virginia #Maryland #delaware #NewJersey #newyork #rhodeisland #massachusetts #Maine #California #Oregon #washingtonstate #savethebeaches #savetheoceans #rotomolding #rotationalmoldingproducts #rotationalmolding #plastics
Congratulations and a very special thanks to Hall of Fame Announcer for the @reds, Marty Brennaman who is calling his last home game after 46 incredible years for the Cincinnati Reds!  You will be missed Mr. Brennaman!!! Pictured is EJ, the daughter of Granger Plastics' GM.  EJ also doubles as our in-house baseball expert, who was lucky enough to get this photo with Marty earlier in the season.  Now shes trying to figure out how to get it signed!! #MLB #Baseball #CincinnatiReds  #Cincinnati #Ohio #MartyBrennaman #GrangerPlastics #Rotomolding #Plastics #HallOfFame #Retirement
America's leading underground tornado shelter, The Granger ISS in full production... The only Tornado Shelter with a 500+ year lifespan... #Tornado #tornadoshelters #StormShelters #GrangerISS #HowToSurviveATornado #RotationalMoulding #Rotomolding #GrangerPlastics #RotationalMolding #Survival #preparedness #savealife #ohio
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