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The Rotationally Molded In Ground Safety Shelter By The Granger Plastics Company, a Leader in Rotatonal Molding Present this World Class Durable Underground Storm Shelter

Rotationally Molded Tornado Shelter

The Rotationally Molded Natural Solution to Beach Erosion, Stop Beach Erosion with The Sandsaver

Beach Erosion Solutions

The Rotationally Molded Custom Solutions By The Granger Plastics Company

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The Rotationally Molded In Ground Safety Shelter By The Granger Plastics Company, a Leader in Rotatonal Molding Present this World Class Durable Underground Storm Shelter

Rotational Molding Tool Fabrication

Plastics, Mold Fabrications and Metals Solutions The Granger Plastics Company, a Rotational Molding Company of plastics, has continued to expand its state of the art operations to include a full service, an in house metals fabrication facility which includes fabrication of aluminum molds strictly for Granger Plastics customers. Recently Granger has also continued growth by adding foam filling capabilities and high intensity mixing. Granger Plastics, operates state of the art, Rotational Molding Ovens and metals fabrication equipment. This infusion of state of the art Rotational Molding equipment and metals fabrications keeps Granger Plastics among the World leaders in the Rotational Molding industry. Granger Plastics is also the manufacturer of the World-class innovations such as the Granger ISS Tornado Shelters. Operating over 60,000 sq. feet in Middletown, OH, Granger Plastics is located close to I-75. Also taking its technology to a new level, is the innovation in which Granger monitors its safety of its employees and quality of its products under 24/7 CCTV, which can be viewed from anywhere in the world via the internet. . allows Granger Plastics to monitor its safety efforts, production and stores this information for at least a period of 2 years for future reference and access. Granger Plastics sets itself apart from other roto-molders by molding everything from the small and simple to the large and complicated. Having industry leading Engineering abilities in both Plastics and Metals, Granger Plastics brings a complete solution package to the table! Capable of working with you from concept and design, thru tooling fabrication, even up to drop shipping to your customers all around the globe! Granger Plastics provides world-class services to some of the biggest names from Aerospace to Waste Management and everything in between! Granger Plastics is your partner in custom Rotational Molding!

If you have an upcoming rotomolding project that needs dedication, specialized attention and high quality output, look no further than Granger Plastics.  If your current molder is continuing to mold you parts of poor quality or possibly exposing you to lawsuits by running off-grade materials or maybe just is not capable of keeping up with your current demands, give Granger Plastics the opportunity to provide you with high quality parts at a competitive price.

Granger ISS Storm Shelter on The Weather Channel

Read more about the Granger ISS Storm Shelter here

Granger ISS Tornado Shelter on National Television

Granger Plastics Company Video Profile

Watch the video below to learn more about the Internationally recognized leader in Rotational Molding, The Granger Plastics Company. See how Granger Plastics is one of the leading innovators in the plastics industry. Granger provides leading industry solutions ranging from Aerospace, Defense, Underground Tornado Safety Shelters, Material Handling, Bulk Storage, Cemetery Flower Vases and so much more. See how Granger continues to prove themselves as the inudstry leaders in the rotomolding markets!

Sandsaver Update

Sandsaver Final Report- Lake Michigan

Click the link below to download and read the final report of the pilot Sandsaver install in Lake Michigan. This report was conducted and performed by a 3rd party engineering firm.

With the reporting containing quotes such as:

"The results of the shoreline in response to the Sandsaver system are unambigulusly positive."

Also discovered in the course of the research and study in Lake Michigan, the report states:

"at the very least, the Sandsaver design not generate adjacent negative impacts associated with shore-normal and impermeable structures. The Sandsaver modules permeability and placement in a shore-parallel orientation demonstrated no negative impacts to adjacent stretches of beaches. "
sandsaver report, does sandsaver work?, Sandgrabber Report

Sandsaver Lake Michigan Install Report

Sandsaver- Lake Michigan Install (June 2013, PDF file)

The picture below is from the Lake Michigan Sandsaver install, with the units nearly completely covered with sand!

Sandsaver beach erosion solution nearly buried in Lake Michigan

Granger Aerospace Releases ULD Ultimate Container Test Video

See the Granger Aerospace Air Cargo Containers successfully complete the FAA's Ultimate Load Testing. Watch as the LD 3 Air Cargo Containers gets loaded and tested!

Granger Tornado Shelter: "No Brainer" says Alabama Tornado Survivor

Tornado Shelter Testimonial, Storm Shelter Review

In the above press release, see how an Alabama Tornado Survivor states that their choice of the Granger ISS Storm Shelter was a "No Brainer". The Granger ISS Storm Shelter offers industry leading protection with 1/2" thick double wall polymer construction. No other shelter can offer the features, amenities, service or quality that is provided by World Class manufacturing leader, Granger Plastics Company, a division of Granger Industries.

Granger Industries launches ForeverSafe™ Products

Rotomolding leader Granger Plastics has recently launched its ForeverSafe™ Products division, focusing on its Cemetery Vases and Burial Urns. ForeverSafe urns are made of durable polyethylene in a unique molding process that replicates the look and texture of metals and stone with no seams or burrs. The ForeverSafe urn comes in a variety of proprietary color mixtures to blend in with nearby monuments or vases. ForeverSafe also offers a matching line of vases.

Granger Plastics ForeverSafe Cremation Urn & Cemetery Vase

For more information on ForeverSafe™ Cemetery Vases or Urns, please visit one of the following websites:

  • ForeverSafe™ Products

  • ForeverSafe™ Vases

  • ForeverSafe™ Products

  • Rotational Molding Company Continues To Expand

    Posted by pressreleasecentre.com July 9th, 2012 •  Rotational Molding  •  Full Press Release

    America’s leading tornado shelter manufacturing company, Granger Plastics has recently begun the initial steps towards adding additional manufacturing capacity and product storage at its Middletown, OH rotomolding facility. Granger Plastics recently announced its newly launched division, Granger Aerospace Products, which will focus on molding of custom products for a number of leaders in the aviation, aerospace and defense industries. Granger Aerospace Products will soon be unveiling Granger’s line of proprietary, patent pending air cargo containers. Read the full press release here!

    Rotational Molding Leader Launches Aerospace Division

    Posted by pressreleasecentre.com July 5th, 2012 •  Rotational Molding  •  Full Press Release

     Rotational Molding Company, Granger Plastics has recently begun its initial steps towards expanding by launching a new division of Granger Plastics, which is Granger Aerospace Products. Granger’s new Aerospace division will focus on continuing growth for the rotomolding leader by providing a number of custom solutions to the aviation, defense and aerospace industries. Granger Aerospace products will also feature a proprietary, patent pending line of Air Cargo Containers. Read the full press release here!

    Granger Plastics ULD 2 Air Cargo Container

    Rotomolded Beach Erosion Solution Continues To Prove Successful

    Sandsaver Update

    Picture below was taken in late 2011. Currently awaiting the reports and survey information for the 1 year mark for the installation.
    Sandsaver Dec 26 2011 Lake Michigan

    After only 7 months, the Sandsaver, by Granger Plastics continues to prove that the rotationally molded beach erosion barrier is a viable alternative to Beach Dredging, more commonly known as Beach renourishment. See the (2) pictures below to see a picture of the beach, only a few days after install in comparison to the photo taken in December of 2011, approximately 7 months after installation.

    Sandsaver, Beach Erosion Barrier, Rotomolded Beach Erosion Barrier, Natural Beach Renourishment productSandsaver, Sandsaver Working, 7 Months after installation

    Beach Erosion Solution Sees Pilot U.S. Installation

    After many years of investigation, research and development Granger Plastics Company has a pilot installation of its revolutionary Sandsaver product. The Sandsaver is a natural solution to beach erosion. The Sandsaver is a rotationally molded polyethylene module which both reduces erosion and builds beach at the same time. This practically indestructible part can be used over and over again to rebuild eroding beaches, can be installed permanently for ongoing beach renourishment or can be relocated to nourish multiple sites.

    Granger Plastics offers an environmentally friendly option that actually builds beaches back while discouraging erosion and eliminates the need for costly fossil fuel burning vessels. From the decades of research have gone into creating The Sandsaver, a product braced to revolutionize the way the World maintains its coastlines. Granger Plastics outlines the research behind this product and the impact it could potentially have on endangered coastlines on www.sandsaver.com.

    For years Granger Plastics has been battling resistance, extortion efforts and the political red tape of permitting agencies. In May of 2011 the first Sandsaver modules were installed on sand starved beaches of Arcadia on Lake Michigan. This installation will be monitored by a third party over the next three years.

    After numerous attempts to renourish the beaches of Lake Michigan and a yearlong permitting process the Sandsaver modules were allowed to be installed. The install was completed in approximately two days. After only 96 hours the Sandsaver modules had already begun showing signs of effectively rebuilding the beach.

    Granger Plastics Company welcomes inquiries from other areas suffering from beach erosion or paying for renourishment methods that are not working. The Sandsaver has great potential to work in many areas where other erosion control methods have failed or only provided very costly temporary solutions. Please visit www.grangerplastics.com or www.sandsaver.com for additional information.

    Read the Beach Erosion Solution Sees Pilot U.S. Install on ThomasNet!

    Sandsaver Pilot US Install Photos

    Product gallery
    Sandsavers already building beach after approx. 48 hours

    Sandsavers Installed, Sandsavers building beach, Sandsavers beach accretion, Natural Solution to Beach Erosioin
    Sandsavers installed, Installed Sandsavers, Sandsavers building Beach, Sandsaver installation
    Sandsaver beach erosion barrier, sand saver, sandsavers installed, Installed Beach Erosion barrier
    Sandsaver, Sand saver, beach erosion barrier, installed sandsavers, sandgrabber barrier, beach renourishment
    Sandsavers installed, sandgrabber, beach erosion barrier, beach renourishment device, beach barrier, beach erosion module, save beach barrier, Sandsaver, sand saver

    Sandsavers installed in Lake Michigan

    Rotomolding Company Continues Growth Converting Fiberglass Products to Polyethylene

    Press release date: August 25, 2011

    As times are changing and the corporate world wants to stretch every dollar, Granger Plastics is being sought out to convert fiberglass products into polyethylene. Polyethylene's durability, long life span and superior molecular structure make the transition a logical choice for many original equipment manufacturers and other companies. Granger Plastics has made many of these conversions to the great satisfaction of our customers demonstrating the company motto of "Solutions Beyond Expectations".

    "Having introduced the world's first all-polyethylene rear trailer 'cone' as the replacement for 'cones' that have historically been fiberglass, we are pleased to advise that the new PolyCone produced by Granger Plastics Company is performing well in the field: Better impact resistance, better scuff resistance and lower cost. When a PolyCone is dented in the field, we just push it back into its original shape and send our enclosed car hauling equipment back on the road. Damage to fiberglass has always required bodywork to repair. We are pleased with the results of our material conversion project with GPC.

    -Jim Prang
    Director of Maintenance
    Precision Motor Transport Group
    Okemos, MI

    Click to read "Rotomolding Company Continues Growth Converting Fiberglass Products"

    Granger Plastics Tornado Shelter gains national attention!

    The recent rash of tornadoes and devestation have created a renewed interest in premium safety products to protect individuals and families. Recently, Granger Plastics has been featured in numerous publications ranging from the USA Today to a number of local & regional newspaper publications, as well as a number of television stations and news channels. See the stories and video on the cited links below!

    USA Today Article

    Granger Tornado Shelter- USA Today Article

    Fox 19 News Broadcast

    Middletown Company makes safe tornado shelter

    WKRC 12 News Broadcast

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    Why I don't risk my families lives in a Fiberglass Shelter- A Must Watch Video for Any Shelter Customer!

    A MUST watch video for anyone considering purchasing a Tornado Shelter!

    Granger Plastics YouTube Channel!


    Sandsaver- Beach Erosion Solution

    In-Ground Tornado Shelter FEMA 320 testing

    Rotational Molding Products Virtually Indestructible

    Rotational Molding Specialist Granger Plastics Brings Anti-Microbial Technology to Custom Rotational Molding

    Posted by ThomasNet.com December 10, 2009 •  grangerplastics.com  • 

    December 10, 2009 - Anti-microbial and anti-fungal plastics can be utilized in many industries such as health care, child care, education, food service, entertainment, recreation or nearly anywhere where people could be exposed to infection causing bacteria and germs. The internationally recognized manufacturer of the technology has already received the necessary registrations thru many US and International governmental agencies, including EPA (both food contact and non-food contact), FDA, NSF, European Food Safety Authority and have applied for registration with the European Union's Biocidal Products Directive. The combination of food grade polyethylene with anti-microbial technology allows Granger Plastics to offer a safe, extremely durable material with unlimited potential. Read more here....

    Product Highlight Spotlight (Outdoor Channel)

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