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Cremation Burial Urn Image Gallery

White Granite Urn & Vase Canister Set
White Granite Urn & Vase Canister Set
Terra Cotta Granite Urn & Vase Set
Terra Cotta Granite Urn & Vase Set
Mahogany Urn & Vase Set
Mahogany Urn & Vase Set
Black Granite Urn & Vase Set
Black Granite Urn & Vase Set
Grey Granite Urn & Vase Set
Grey Granite Urn & Vase Set
Brown Granite Urn & Vase Canister Set
Brown Granite Urn & Vase Set
Antiqued Urn & Vase Canister Set
Antiqued Urn & Vase Set
Bronze Urn & Vase Set
Bronze Urn & Vase Set

Cremation Urns & Burial Urns

With the ForeverSafe™ Cremation & Burial Urn, you do not have to sacrifice beauty to offer a security for your loved one. In fact, ForeverSafe™ beautiful custom proprietary finishes match and blend well with many common headstones and memorials. With exciting grey granite and terra cotta granite options, while having metallic looks like Antiqued and Mahogany, the ForeverSafe™ Urn is sure to please.

Granger Plastics Urns

Currently, the urns are available in (2) different shapes, while offering a number of color options, along with stone-like granite looks, or even metallics. The Urns also feature stainless steel screws (security screws available), molded in brass inserts and an annodized aluminum security plate, that when in conjunction with the neoprene gasket, allows the Urns to be water tight!

Cremation & Burial Urns available in Round & Rectangle

ForeverSafe™ Cremation Urn Terra cotta Granite
Terra Cotta Granite Round Urn & Vase
Mahogany Rectangle Urn
Mahogany Rectangle Urn

All Urns available with matching Cemetery Vasses & Canisters

Water Tight Burial Urns

Strength in life is a cherished quality. If a strong shape for remembrance is suitable for someone you love, the ForeverSafe™ Rectangle Burial Urns will be as strong on the outside as it is on the inside. Polyethylene is relied on to make products that are exposed to destructive elements. There is value in knowing that the burial urn protecting your loved one, is protected by that same durability. Protect the one who protected you. Be strong with ForeverSafe™.

The Rectangle Burial Urn offers a strong silhouette with a classic design. The flat surfaces display the beauty of the finish and the shape is easily decorated for memorial. The security on the inside is represented in the vault like shape. No need to fear anything getting in or out thanks to the ForeverSafe™ anodized aluminum plate and stainless steel security screws. ForeverSafe™ Burial Urns are water tight and able to be buried without an additional container. With ForeverSafe™ Burial Urns, you know that your loved ones resting place is safe and secure.

ForeverSafe™ Cremation Urn Water Tight Bottom
Round Burial Urn Bottom
Water Tight Rectangle Urn Bottom
Recentangle Urn Bottom

Cremation Urn & Burial Urn Features

  • Produced from the highest quality Polyethylene material
  • 1/4” wall thickness
  • Available with many effects including life-like granites, metallics and pearlescents
  • Includes 8 molded in threaded inserts and stainless steel security screws
  • Includes neoprene gasket and anodized aluminum plate
  • Waterproof (please see video demonstration below)
  • Plastic material deters urn from theft unlike metal counterparts
  • May be used to for housing cremains and for burial without additional vault
  • 231 lb. healthy weight capacity
  • Matching ForeverSafe™ Cemetery Vases Available!

    ForeverSafe™ Cremation Urs

    One of the most commonly stolen items in cemeteries across the nation are cemetery & memorial vases. The remembrances we leave keep the spirit of our loved ones alive. The marker of a gravesite is sacred ground and a place many memories are shared. The loss of a cemetery vase can be devastating for a family. It is unnecessary and vulnerable to use metals to cast memorial & cemetery vases. Thieves are stealing them by the hundreds from cemeteries in almost every city across the globe. The ForeverSafe™ Cemetery Vase is a beautiful alternative to susceptible metal counterparts.

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    Molded in Inserts

    Granite Color Effects

    Poly Construction

    Decorative Styles to choose from

    Water Tight

    Use as Cremation Urn or Burial Urn!

    Urns- Waterproof testing video

    See how the Urns are durable and water proof! The urn did not take on a single drop of water after being submerged in water for 72 hours!

    Urns- Weight Loading Testing

    Granger Plastics on YouTube!

    Burial Urn & Cremation Urn Pics

    Grey Granite and Bronze Urns

    Molded in Inserts

    Doubles as Burial Urn Vault or Cremation Urn!

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